The Initiative

Rugby Centurions, a world first is the fulfilment of a desire to create a colossal force for good. It emanates from the recognition and unification of rugby’s finest warriors. This is a kinship of iconic men and women who have represented their countries in 100 international rugby test matches.

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Gala launch event



Hilton Hotel London 225 Edgware Road London W2 1 JU

gala launch event



This year, history will be made when the elite, awe-inspiring members of Rugby Centurions unite for the very first time under one roof. They are coming together to be honoured for their great achievements and to give back to the glorious game that has shaped their lives. The inaugural Gala Launch of this unique, world-first initiative will be held in London on 23 November 2017.



Evening Commences


Dress Code

Dark suit and tie for the gentlemen and evening attire for the ladies

Registration, Drinks, Reception




It takes an international rugby player around 10 years to earn the right to membership of Rugby Centurions; a decade in which lovers of rugby gain great knowledge and inspiration from their icons’ achievements between the four white lines.

While other wonderfully talented players come and go, these exceptional and inspiring warriors provide the continuity and epitomise the core values – integrity, passion, solidarity, discipline and mutual respect – that we all admire from cramped seats in packed rugby stadiums or from sofas in front of TV screens.

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