The first person to reach 100 International Test Caps! – Interview with Philippe Sella

The first person to reach 100 International Test Caps! – Interview with Philippe Sella

You are the first person in the world to reach 100 International test caps for your country, how does that feel?

It’s just amazing. I feel proud for my family, my club and my country. Sharing those moments with teammates and other players from around the world, was perfect. I was fortunate to see many nations, and spent some time travelling during two training sessions!

The values of Rugby Centurions are respect, resilience, courage and selfless-commitment. Which one is the most important to you?

For me, Respect and Self-Commitment is because, in life, we have to respect people, rules in and out of the rugby field, and also a selfless commitment, because we have to give to others what we have received.

The current pandemic has been extremely challenging for everyone. How have you been affected in France?

It’s a really difficult situation for everyone. This happened without us expecting a huge wave. We need to be very cautious, respect confinement and be vigilant. A thought for all carers, physicians, police, and key staff working to save others. Then we’ll see how to get back to any business, but before that, the virus has to be stopped.

How are you keeping physically and mentally fit during lockdown? 

It’s very important to keep healthy, and that’s why I do a bike session and weights almost every day. I have to say, I have spent more time cleaning and gardening. Each day, I kept in touch with my Agen team. The key is to develop a routine early.

What have you missed about sport over the last few weeks? 

I missed the players, the fans and the wider team – and, of course, the matches! I can’t wait to see all of them again soon.

What is the first thing you will do after Lockdown is over?

Go to visit my parents in the Bourran to spend a moment with them and get back in touch with the managers of the sites of my association. I will then look forward to visiting the stadium in Agen to see the players and staff to restart professional life .