How to lose in multiple world cup finals and bounce back!

How to lose in multiple world cup finals and bounce back!

Future Leaders programme modules

Future Leaders programme modules

The Future Leaders Program offers live leadership coaching sessions every two weeks where students have the opportunity to learn from our coaches, the Centurions, and business leaders. The leadership programme itself is delivered across 6 online modules:

✅ High Impact Leadership

✅ Being Resilient

✅ Decision Making

✅ Leading Change

✅ A Winning Culture

✅ High Performance Teams

We are excited about hosting three special guests over the next 90 days:

Victoria Gosling OBE will be discussing her journey from the battlefield to the sportsfield, leading the Invictus Games and taking GB Snowsport to heights way beyond expectation.

Centurion, Rochelle “Rocky” Clark, is the most capped England player of all time; however, she joins us to describe how she had the strength of character to rebound and win the World Cup final on her third attempt.

We will also welcome, Rugby Centurion, Tamara Taylor, a former English Captain and 2017 RPA Player of the Year. She joins us to talk about the challenges of setting a New World Record on Mount Everest.

If you are interested in finding out how you can join us please reach out today at or simply visit: