Leadership: Find Your Purpose

Leadership: Find Your Purpose

Finding your purpose. Seems like a huge task, doesn’t it? People from all backgrounds, both young and old, rich and poor, talk about finding their purpose. Many of them, about how they never quite figured out what it was.

Oftentimes, this is because most people expect it to come and smack them square in the face, without doing the work at all. Your purpose isn’t going to find you. It isn’t going to knock on your door and greet you with a smile. Your purpose is something that you must discover, through various methods and experiments.

The more you learn about yourself, your values, and what you enjoy, the closer you get to your purpose. 

Although not impossible, finding your purpose at a young age can be difficult. The Future Leaders Programme can help to push young students ages 16-19 closer to their potential and help them to realise where they want to be. 

The Future Leaders Programme

The Future Leaders Programme sets about unlocking the leadership potential of the next generation. As part of the Programme, we combine our digital learning with guest speakers, from Rugby Centurions, to leadership coaches and business leaders. These people help to provide invaluable information, along with tools and techniques that can be implemented immediately for students to get results. 

Vicky Gosling OBE joined us recently. Vicky is the CEO of GB Snowsport, a previous CEO of the Invictus Games and enjoyed 21 years in the military being awarded an MBE and OBE for her services. She talked to students about the importance of aligning your values to your purpose.

When you are aligned you perform better and, quite frankly, enjoy the work more. She also spoke to students about taking chances, getting out of your comfort zone and looking for the next challenge. 

Educational establishments can utilise our Future Leaders Programme, as it is delivered in 6 modules and comes with both “live” digital coaching sessions and webinars that students and teachers can sink their teeth into. Modules include valuable lessons, such as being resilient, leading change, and decision making. These lessons help to build natural leaders who are mentally tough and in a constant growth mindset. 

Find Your Purpose

If you don’t work towards it, finding your purpose and meaning in life might never happen. With the valuable lessons and skills that our Future Leaders Programme teaches, you will begin to understand more about yourself and what you must do to get to where you want to be.

You will have a valuable headstart on those who meander through life hoping that their purpose and any semblance of meaning will come for them, instead of going out and getting it for themselves. 

As a leader, how do you want to be remembered? Sign up for our Future Leaders Programme today.