Los Pumas First Centurion

Los Pumas First Centurion

Agustín Creevy, a name now synonymous with Argentine Rugby, has played his 100th cap, earning his place among the Centurions.

His 100th cap came against South Africa on the 5th of August, Creevy once again showing his passion for representing Los Pumas on the global stage. Amassing an impressive 30 points across his century of appearances, Creevy has become known as a mobile Hooker with exceptionally good handling skills for the position. Two attributes that make him a formidable forward to face.

Creevy is a player whose patience was rewarded as in his first 32 caps he would only start 5 times. But he was determined and eventually earned the position as first choice hooker for Argentina. Alongside this would come the Argentine captaincy, his record 49 appearances as captain would primarily come between 2014 and 2018. He helped to shape Argentina into the fierce side they are today one that is capable of a good result against the dominant sides in World Rugby and a team that doesn’t give up until the final whistle.

Agustín’s 100th cap is special as he is the first Argentine to reach the prestigious milestone. Although it seems likely he will not be alone for long with a experienced teammates Sánchez and Matera closing in on 100.

As he prepares for his 4th World Cup in September, Creevy’s story continues. In the first match, Los Pumas head onto the field, hoping to upset rivals England and go on a run deep into the World Cup. It’s a fitting continuation of his journey – a testament to his spirit and determination.

Congratulations, Agustín Creevy – Welcome to the Club