Rugby Centurions Club Successfully Completes Charity Cycle from London to Paris

Rugby Centurions Club Successfully Completes Charity Cycle from London to Paris

In an inspiring display of camaraderie and philanthropy, the Rugby Centurions Club undertook a challenging cycle from London to Paris from the 9th to the 11th of October 2023 proudly supported by Avanti Communications. The event not only tested the endurance of the participating athletes but also aimed to raise funds for the Bhupsei Foundation, a charitable organization dedicated to making a positive impact in various communities.

The Rugby Centurions Club, comprised of esteemed rugby legends, including John Smit, George Gregan, Nathan Sharpe, Goncalo Uva, Tamara Taylor, Rocky Clarke, Donna Kennedy, Amy Garnett, and Sean Lamont, embarked on this charitable journey to support the Bhupsei Foundation’s initiatives. The cyclists pedaled through picturesque landscapes and faced the physical challenges head-on, showcasing their resilience both on and off the rugby field.

The highlight of the event was the tremendous fundraising success, with the Rugby Centurions Club collectively raising over £30,000 for the Bhupsei Foundation. This remarkable achievement speaks volumes about the commitment of these rugby legends to making a positive impact beyond their sporting careers.

John Smit, one of the Centurions and former South African rugby captain, expressed his gratitude for the overwhelming support received during the cycling expedition. He stated, “It’s heartening to see the rugby community coming together for a cause greater than ourselves. The funds raised will undoubtedly contribute to the Bhupsei Foundation’s noble efforts, and we’re proud to have played a part in that.”

The Bhupsei Foundation, known for its dedication to social causes in Malawi, is expected to utilize the funds raised by the Rugby Centurions Club to further its mission of creating positive change in their community . The foundation focuses on areas such as education, sport, and community development.

The success of the London to Paris charity cycle not only reinforces the Rugby Centurions Club’s commitment to making a difference but also serves as a testament to the enduring spirit of teamwork and altruism within the global rugby community. As these rugby legends pedal their way into philanthropy, they continue to inspire both fans and fellow athletes to use their influence for the betterment of society.