Future Leaders

Our Vision

To Help Students Unlock Their
Leadership Potential

The Future Leaders Programme enables students between the ages of 16-19 to unlock their leadership potential through live digital coaching and online learning. We achieve this by using the expertise of the Rugby Centurions, leadership coaches and business leaders to build tools and tactics that students can implement immediately.

The Programme

The Programme is designed for educational establishments that wish to unlock the leadership potential of their students. In particular those students undertaking prefect duties, captain responsibilities, extended project qualification studies or transitioning to university or the place of work. Our programme is delivered in modules and complimented with live digital coaching sessions and webinars with great leaders, athletes and coaches. The modules are:

High Impact Leadership

Being Resilient

Decision Making

Leading Change

A Winning Culture

High Performance Teams

The Benefits

Programme Benefits

All educational establishments joining our programme will receive the following benefits for the academic year:

Bi-weekly Masterclass Leadership Coaching

Centurion Insights

First access to new Digital Leadership content

Entry to our Annual Leadership Awards

Our Leadership Awards

There are five award categories and the winners are presented during our Centurion Jacket celebrations. The awards are as follows:

The Courage award is presented to the student who reflects the spirit, strength and courage of a Centurion.

The Selfless-Commitment award is presented to the student who has consistently put others before themselves.

The Respect award is presented to an individual or team that honours the uniqueness of each individual and their culture.

The Resilience award recognises a young person with high learning potential, who has overcome the odds and achieved their goal, while facing challenging circumstances.

The Leadership Award celebrate a student who has demonstrated exemplary leadership practices during the year.

Programme Costs

The annual programme costs £299+VAT and a license fee of £15+VAT per student enrolled onto the online leadership portal.

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