What are the main benefits of the programme

One of the main benefits of the programme is for students to learn from elite athletes, leadership coaches and business leaders who have a broad range of experiences. Any educational establishment wishing to improve the leadership attributes of their students would benefit from the programme.

Do you need to attend all the sessions

No. You can use the modules and live content to best fit the needs of your educational establishment.

What are the Live Masterclass Coaching Sessions

The Masterclass Coaching sessions compliment the online module for all students on the programme. These are delivered by our facilitators and invited guests and are recorded for any student unable to attend. The sessions last 30 minutes (including Q&A) and are delivered during lunch periods every two weeks during the term time.

What are the Leadership Awards

There are five award categories and the winners are presented during our Centurion Jacket celebrations. The awards are Courage, Selfless-Commitment, Respect and Leadership.