How to grow your roots deep – the Centurion way

How to grow your roots deep – the Centurion way

The challenges keep on coming. Where do you get your strength from as a Leader?

As leaders, we want to create winning habits, tools, and techniques that help us prepare for the challenges ahead. This week we caught up with South African legend, John Smit, a World Cup Winning Captain with 111 Caps. Having experienced the incredible highs of leading a team to glory, Smit can also recall the challenges and upheaval he experienced. To take any team to World Cup glory requires a leader to foster the right team environment to perform when it matters most. In our latest podcast series, Smit gave us three top tips to help you on your leadership journey:

1. Water the roots

We know leadership can become a lonely place; hence, you need to develop relationships with trusted colleagues, friends, and family. It’s these relationships that are going to be there in good times and get you through hard times. There will be a lot of meaningless relationships on your path to the top; therefore, take time to respect your inner circle and value their support and feedback.

2. Two ears one mouth

You were born with two ears and one mouth, and we should learn to use them to that effect. As a leader, you can never know or expect to know every answer, so it’s imperative that you listen to the people around you. Moreover, it is your responsibility to create the right culture so that people feel comfortable being open and honest. For example, if you are able to build a diverse team bound by the same values and purpose, you will facilitate an environment that fosters healthy challenge and discussion while not derailing the mission.

3. No corridor talk

Corridor gossip is a syndrome of a toxic culture. Moreover, gossip creates negative energy that will penetrate through the heart of your team or organisation. This negative energy will stifle productivity and impact on your results. Your role as a leader is to snuff this out. Smit spoke about the importance of open, honest action. If you have something to say, be prepared to tell everyone in the team. We want to challenge and debate, but in an open and honest manner.

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